In April of 2018, new federal legislation caused the closure of many escort ad & review sites. Some, like The Erotic Review, are still accessible to tech-savvy U.S. viewers via VPN, but for the time being & perhaps permanently, reviews of American workers are no longer available.

While many (most?) of these reviews were crude, lewd & objectifying, they were also useful for potential clients to gauge the legitimacy of our services. For your convenience, I've included a sampling of review screenshots here. Click to view larger image.


In this uncertain legal climate, please refrain from writing new reviews for me until further notice. Note that any self-proclaimed review sites currently operating, i.e. Erotic Monkey, are comprised almost entirely of fake reviews (of all providers, including myself) & should be considered an unreliable source of information.
She is easy to contact and responsive via email... a gorgeous dark-haired beauty with a generous and easygoing attitude.
I knew Remy was going to be fun the moment she texted me. The photos are definitely her, but... they don't do her justice. She's a gem, and the kind of girl I could see over and over.
I was first attracted to Remy because she was encouraging donations to local charities. Since I started seeing her, she has let her beautiful dark hair grown out, and she's been working that body to give even better definition to her curves.
[She] clearly loves her job and treats it like an art form. Remy has a great personality that immediately puts you at ease with gentle humor and a 1000 megawatt smile.
Completely charming. As General MacArthur said, "I shall return!"
She opened the door in a very sexy little number and invited me in. She has the sexiest bedroom eyes ever! I will most definitely repeat.