playful companion. erotic confidante. tender-hearted troublemaker. cunning linguist. authentic pleasure-seeker. smartypants sans pants.


Girl Friday. You know that old trope, right? In movies, she's the quintessential go-to gal, the abundantly competent & unflappable sidekick, the jill of all trades with more than a few tricks up her sleeve.

When life hands her lemons, Girl Friday busts out the cocktail shaker & shakes it up, baby. Her clever repartee? Legendary. Her body? Even better. She gets the job done & looks damn good doing it.

Girl Friday’s role might theoretically be a “supporting” one, but don’t be fooled. She’s nothing less than essential. Her sharp wit keeps you on your toes. Her carefree mood uplifts your own. She senses, intuitively, what you need in order to become your best self, & then whoop, there it is — you didn’t even have to ask.

What Girl Friday decidedly isn't is a girlfriend. (Yes, she's tried it, bought the t-shirt, returned the t-shirt for store credit...) She’d prefer you experience her as a paramour — an oasis amidst the ordinary — a respite from the sentimentality of romance. Friday craves affairs of the flesh, not the soul. Leave your heart at home. As for the rest of you? Bend the rules. Stay out past curfew. Your secrets are safe here.

Bring it on,